A tale of perfect combination of tradition, innovation and quality

fabrica antigua de Chacinerias Díaz

As masters of the age-old secrets of curing ham and sausage,Chacinerías Díaz continues to practice the family art. Time has witnessed the evolution of a company that has become a reference for how to craft and produce finely cured pork products.

From the beginning of the 20th century, when Pedro Diaz began our tradition in a small village in the hills of Salamanca to the present, Díaz has maintained the same artisanal philosophy of traditional craftsmanship: Keeping an eye on the past insures the perseverance of the company in the future.

The company manages the entire manufacturing process from breeding & raising their own livestock to producing their own fodder, slaughterhouse and production plant. Each part of the process is specifically designed to meet the highest quality standards. This policy of self-reliance, combined with a century of experience has built the guarantee that our clients
receive the best product available.

In our new facilities, age-old tradition and modern technology join hands. The hearty breed of livestock is fed naturally and raised in our own fields and pastures of Salamanca giving rise to a final product which instills confidence to one of the greatest flavours of all time. The constant pampering of the raw material from start to finish can be savoured in every bite.

The new age requires new strategies and Chacinerías Díaz has managed to combine technological advances with the preservation of and respect for the natural evolution of the final product. With the same traditional methods used since the beginning, the initial cold curing process is completed with natural aging where the products remain until they acquire the consistency, smell and flavor of traditional artisanal products.


We know the secrets of the craftsmanship of hams and sausages and maintain the practice of the known art . Time has marked the history of the Company , defining its trajectory and resulting UN Regarding Production and good work.

finca de cerdos campo charro en verano

Our farm in Salamanca

Cerdos ibéricos en la Dehesa de Salamanca

Our Iberian pigs in Dehesa


Our company structure covers the entire production cycle , the feed mill , the own livestock , the slaughterhouse and sausage factory and hams ; each of these parts are controlled by strict quality policy , to meet the highest standards . Thus , the quality of our products and ensuring traceability is guaranted.

The craftsman making and technological advancement are combined in our facilities , where the mime continuous raw material extending from the origin to the final moment of tasting.

finca de cerdos Duroc Chacinerias Diaz

Our farms: Explotaciones Porcinas Díaz

A company of Chacinerías Díaz dedicated to the production of cuttle. This cuttle will be the basis of our products.

Four key elements to build Explotaciones Porcinas Díaz:

  • A feed mill : Where we prepare cattle feed . Always healthy and natural.
  • A single genetic oriented to manufacture cured for pork products white layer, and an Iberian cattle whose mothers are registered in the studbook.
  • Increases by 40% the life cycle to achieve the highest quality of raw material.
  • Large pastures where we feed our Iberian acorn-fed pigs, thus fulfilling our commitment to developing in natural habitat.
Matadero - proceso de fabricación Jamones

Mataderos Salamanca, S.L.

With capacity to slaughter up to 2,000 animals a day, our slaughterhouse is specially designed for the Iberian pork and pork white layer of our fields.

It is one of the three largest slaughterhouses in the province, and therefore of Spain for Iberian pigs . Currently , it processes around 10 % of total production of Iberian.

Modern, high-performance facilities, but whose main value is in proximity, which facilitates compliance with the most demanding standards of animal welfare. This combined with the treatment of gender is the best guarantee care products. Thus meat and fresh hams come to the dryer to meet the criteria of more demanding control, backed by a host of approvals and quality certifications.

secadero de Jamones y embutidos Diaz

Ham and sausage drier facility.

Chacinerías Díaz, S.A. is a traditional company whose purpose is the manufacture and curing hams and sausages. Manufacturing capacity stands at more than 1,500,000 kilos of sausage and six hundred thousand hams. Chacinerías Díaz is one of the domestic mills with greater capacity in traditional healing processes with initial cold and finishing in natural drying.

Since the opening of our latest facility in 1997 , which is working hard , now we can provide traceability of consumer products under warranty.


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