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Our Manufacturing process

The company manages the entire manufacturing process from breeding & raising their own livestock to producing their own fodder, slaughterhouse and production plant. Each part of the process is specifically designed to meet the highest quality standards. This policy of self-reliance, combined with a century of experience has built the guarantee that our clients receive the best product available.

cerdos ibérico comiendo en dehesa

In our new facilities, age-old tradition and modern technology join hands. The hearty breed of livestock is fed naturally and raised in our own fields and pastures of Salamanca giving rise to a final product which instills confidence to one of the greatest flavours of all time. The constant pampering of the raw material from start to finish can be savoured in every bite.

The new age requires new strategies and Chacinerías Díaz has managed to combine technological advances with the preservation of and respect for the natural evolution of the final product. With the same traditional methods used since the beginning, the initial cold curing process is completed with natural aging where the products remain until they acquire the consistency, smell and flavor of traditional artisanal products.

plato de jamón ibérico de bellota de Salamanca

Why our proccess in unique?

Nowadays, our industry is so competitive due to price competition , so most manufacturers have taken the easy way to manufacture, preparing facilities for industrial systems performance continuous cycle.

These systems basically consist of the use of additives to allow meat to withstand high temperatures in controlled drying continuous cycle. These additives and temperature (parboiling) ensures that the sausages acquire consistency with minimal moisture loss, up to 60% more water than the traditional product, and in less than half the time that would be necessary following a cure natural.

As an example, in a sausage made with the same lean:

– In the industrial process could be able to get a reduction of 16% of their initial weight.
– In the traditional process a natural decline reaches 40% of their initial weight.

If at first you assume a cost of 10,00 €, the traditional product in having after the healing process less weight, will cost 14,00 € to which must be added the largest number of movements between drying and curing time.

Ultimately, industrial manufacturing can increase margins to the detriment of the value.


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